“[Let us] reseed imaginations of what is possible on this beautiful earth we inhabit"

- Rowen White

A summer day nature retreat at Bromham Mill | 20 June 2024

Celebrate the Summer Solstice - the longest day in the year - with a day of gentle learning and self-reflection as we drift into the entangled world of a wildflower meadow at the beautiful 17th century restored Bromham Mill. We'll explore how wildflowers and insects collaborate to create seeds and how the metaphor of a seed can help us build a more loving and just future.

Throughout the day, we'll learn about how wildflowers form seeds and how each flower and insect in a meadow plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. We'll get to know a local wildflower, create playful paintings in collaboration with petals and stamen and marvel at the generations of knowledge and life contained in a precious seed.

Awaken your curiosity and creativity

In this serene setting, we'll take time to:

  • identify and get to know (at least) one local wildflower
  • delve into the fascinating ways wildflower seeds are made
  • explore why humans are so drawn to meadows and grasslands
  • get creative by painting with flowers
  • enjoy quiet, reflective time with wildflowers in the meadow
  • nourish ourselves with a delicious lunch courtesy of The Mill Coffee Shop
  • make a flower wreath to celebrate the Summer Solstice

Leave feeling nourished and fulfilled

"It helped me to feel a sense of belonging to something larger than myself and that I wasn’t alone in that thought and that I was an integral part of that whole" - Jamee, Review of the Joy Adventure

You will leave the day feeling nourished and fulfilled in your connection with wildflowers and meadows..

You'll have gained a deeper understanding of your local wildflowers and their important role in thriving ecosystem and will have created a stunning flower crown to celebrate the abundance and joy of Midsummer. And, you'll have reawakened your creativity and curiosity for nature, all while connecting with a wonderful group of like-minded individuals.

I can't wait to welcome you to this beautiful retreat at The Mill, Bromham!


"I really felt immersed in nature"

"The day was such a joy. The variety of knowledge shared, discussion, creativity and settings made it feel like a real escape. Agnes is wonderful at putting people at ease and sharing her incredible knowledge in an accessible way. I really felt immersed in nature for the day. It was also lovely to walk away with a goody bag and something I had made. It ticked all the boxes - I can not wait for the next session."

The Mill, Bromham, is a stunning 17th century restored Watermill by the River Ouse, Bedfordshire

“Wildflower habitats are...vital havens of biodiversity that support a huge variety of species from butterflies, grasshoppers, bees and other insects to small mammals and birds right up to large grazing animals."

- Fauna & Flora International

  • Arrive | The Mill | 10am BST

    Arrive at The Mill Coffee Shop and enjoy a complimentary drink before meeting each other in a cosy nook ready for celebrating the Summer Solstice day immersed in wildflowers.

  • Flower & Seed Introduction | The Mill | 10.30-11am BST

    Agnes will lead an interactive workshop to get us learning how flowers form seeds, why humans are so drawn to meadows and how the metaphor of the seed can support us in creating a more loving and just future.

  • Wildflower journaling session | The Meadow | 11am-12.30pm BST

    Following a short introduction to nature journaling from Agnes, we will wander out into the meadow next to The Mill and spend a peaceful hour getting to know a local wildflower through journaling prompts and collaborating with that wildflower in an experimental painting.

    If it rains this session will be replaced by a wildflower painting class with Agnes Becker - all materials will be provided.

  • Nourishing lunch and reflection | The Mill Coffee Shop | 12.30-1.30pm BST

    Choose from a selection of delicious toasties, wraps and salads and enjoy your lunch in the 17th century Mill building as we reflect on what we have learned about ourselves and meadow during the morning session.

  • Make a flower crown | The Mill Gallery | 1.30-2.15pm BST

    In celebration of the Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, we will be creating flower crowns to take home with us. All materials will be provided.

  • Reflections | The Mill Gallery | 2.15-2.30pm BST

    At the end of the day we'll spend a few minutes reflecting on all we have learned.

"I completely lost myself inside the tiny details of my maple leaf! It was joyous. Agnes' gentle encouragement and fascinating information about the life cycle of trees was brilliant. Highly recommended!"

- Sas

  • Welcome drink on arrival

    Enjoy a complimentary welcome drink on arrival from The Mill Coffee Shop and take it with you as we gather together in our cosy space at The Mill.

  • Nature journaling guidance

    You'll receive a sheet of journaling prompts and guidance as to help you get to know a local wildflower and reflect on what gifts you hold to create a more loving and just world.

  • Nourishing lunch

    Choose from a selection of toasties, wraps and salads from The Mill Coffee Shop to nourish you during the day - included in the price. We will eat together and share reflections and enjoy the company of like-minded folk.

  • Flower crown materials

    All materials will be provided to create a beautiful Midsummer celebration flower crown that you can take home with you at the end of the day.

  • Beautiful venue

    The Mill, Bromham, is a stunning 17th century restored Watermill by the River Ouse, Bedfordshire. In the summer, the meadow next to The Mill is filled with wildflowers and insects.

  • Books on wildflowers

    A selection of wildflower identification books will be available for you to use on the day.

"I’ve learned a lot more about birds and nest and I think that knowledge and the group experience has allowed me to be gentler with myself."

- Review from the online Nest Adventure

About your host

Agnes Becker is an an artist, science communicator and creator of We Are Stardust - a place where art and science collide to enrich your experience of and relationship with our messy, beautiful universe.

What to expect | Photos from the 2023 Spring Retreat at The Mill

Directions to The Mill

The Mill is located at the edge of the village of Bromham, Bedfordshire, UK next to the River Ouse.


What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.


  • Waterproofs or suncream depending on the weather!
  • A blanket, portable stool or mat to sit on when nature journaling in the meadow
  • A journal/notebook/sketchbook
  • Pens and graphite pencils
  • Coloured pencils
  • Money for extra treats from The Mill Coffee Shop
  • Your playful curiosity and creativity

There will be a few clipboards, paper and coloured pencils you can borrow if needed.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will only be given if the event has to be unexpectedly cancelled so please buy with intention.

Will dietary requirements be taken into account?

Yes! A form to choose your lunch on the day will be sent in advance along with the option to let us know any dietary requirements.

I don't know anything about wildflowers - is that OK?

This retreat is perfect for anyone - seasoned wildflower lover or beginner - who is curious to know more about meadows, seeds and our reciprocal relationship with the more-than-human. Come spend a playful, joyful day nurturing your kinship with your local wildflowers.

Is the venue accessibility-friendly?

Unfortunately the gallery space where we will be meeting is on the first floor which is only accessible using the stairs.

Is there parking at The Mill?

Yes! There is plenty of parking at The Mill and walking, cycling and lift sharing is very much encouraged.