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5 nature-based affirmations for folk seeking to rewild their souls

  While everything I do at We Are Stardust is about encouraging us to interact with green spaces, it is often what we believe about ourselves that directs how we behave and act in the world. While we may want to live a rich, nourished life in relationship with nature, if we don't believe that is something we can have, it is unlikely we will create that life for ourselves.   I have been craving some nature-based affirmations and as I couldn't find any online, I wrote some of my own in my latest blog and thought you may find them helpful to repeat to yourself as needed too. I prioritise time in nature for a full, nourished life. Everything...

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A love letter for you | You are not...

A love letter for you Dear one, Seeking a rich, layered, nourishing life living with your own nature and the nature of the more-than-human world does not make you: strange weird unrealistic frivolous lacking motivation entitled lazy a time waster idealistic stupid boring feral These words are the connotations of labels our (capitalist, patriarchal, white supremacist, human centric) over-culture gives to us nature lovers (think 'hippy', 'witch', 'eco warrior' etc.) to make sure we don't stray from the narrow path we have been prescribed, and to keep us separate from the nature of the more-than-human world and our own inner nature. This shaming stops us finding our own way through the woods of life. What I want you to know...

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Why I joined 1% For The Planet and the comfort of Deep Time

I’m excited to announce that We Are Stardust is now part a member of the 1% For The Planet community representing businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues. As a member I pledge to give 1% of gross sales from We Are Stardust (i.e. 1% of all money made in a year not just profit) through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional support directly to environmental nonprofits.

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