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Seasonal workshop package

Seasonal workshop package

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Join me in these four seasonal workshops to nurture your reciprocal relationship with nature through gratitude, curiosity, wonder and creative expression.

Although the workshops mostly reference nature in the UK, the tools are relevant to any location. Take the workshops in your own time, in accordance with your local season and come back to them again and again.

These workshops are for anyone curious about deepening their relationship with nature. 

What you'll get

The links for these 60 minute, pre-recorded workshops will be sent to you in a zip file of four PDFs files letting you know about what you'll need for each workshop. You'll also get FREE access to any future live versions of these workshops.

Spring Blossom Nature Journaling Workshop

Let us come together and spend some time deepening our connection to the more-than-human world by paying close attention to spring blossoms. During this time of year new growth is emerging from a long winter's rest, symbols of ideas becoming reality, of allowing us to emerge fully as ourselves.

Summer Grasses Nature Journaling Workshop

Let us come together and spend some time deepening our connection to the more-than-human world by paying close attention to late summer grasses. During this time of year the earth is abundant with seeds, nuts and berries. Grasses turn from green to gold and seeds ripen on stems. In the face of climate change we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and hopeless. This special online summer grasses nature journaling workshop will help you to nurture your reciprocal relationship with nature through gratitude, nature journaling and action. 

Autumn Leaf Painting Workshop

Join me with some autumn leaves, paints and paper to notice, wonder and connect with the natural world. During this 60 minute workshop, I guide you through some simple watercolour techniques to paint autumn leaves either on their own or in a crescent that you can then use as a layout for your nature journaling notes. Our focus will be on gentle observation, to see more closely what is in front of us and to begin to play with our paints. The workshop is suitable for beginners to learn some simple techniques as well as experienced painters who are keen to spend some time painting.

Winter Tree Nature Journaling Workshop

Evergreens have been brought into homes for centuries as symbols of hope and trust that the light will return. Pause for a moment and join me, Agnes Becker, as I guide you through 60 minutes of calm reflection and appreciation of the evergreen trees bringing us hope this season. Let us spend some time getting to know the beautiful trees in our homes, quietly taking care of us.  

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