Pre-order: Reindeer Christmas card

Pre-order: Reindeer Christmas card


Deep in the forests of the north a female reindeer silently makes its way through the forest, steam curling from her nose and antlers reaching to the heavens as she searches for mushrooms hidden in the snow. This card celebrates the beautiful sure-footedness of the reindeer as she guides us through winter. Graced with a pen and ink illustration by Agnes Becker and dip pen calligraphy by Gaelle Jolly, send your loved ones a moment of wonder for the sure-footed (and flying?) reindeer.

Size: 10.5 x 14.8 cm
Envelope: recycled brown fleck Kraft
Card: 300gsm 100% recycled card
Medium: pen and ink, Photoshop

*Currently available for pre-order. Cards will be shipped mid-November 2018.*

Front of Reindeer card: Reindeer of the North, with strong, growing antlers, unique as fingerprints, she guide us through winter nights. (Calligraphy by Gaelle Jolly)
Inside: blank
Back of Reindeer card: 
Reindeers live in the north where winters are long and harsh. Their antlers grow new every year, each as unique as fingerprints. Only female reindeer keep their antlers through winter so it must be they that guide Father Christmas’ sleigh. The reindeer’s penchant for eating magic mushrooms may have led to stories about their ability to fly. Perfectly adapted to cold climates, reindeer guide ancient tribes through snowy winter nights.