Autumn Leaf Painting Workshop

Autumn Leaf Painting Workshop


“I have always liked drawing, when you draw you see things more intensely.” — Henry Moore

    Join me with some autumn leaves, paints and paper to notice, wonder and connect with the natural world. During this 60 minute workshop, I guide you through some simple watercolour techniques to paint autumn leaves either on their own or in a crescent that you can then use as a layout for your nature journaling notes. Our focus will be on gentle observation, to see more closely what is in front of us and to begin to play with our paints. The workshop is suitable for beginners to learn some simple techniques as well as experienced painters who are keen to spend some time painting. This workshop was recorded live on 21 September 2021.

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    What you will need

    • a candle
    • a few small to medium sized autumn leaves
    • watercolour paints and brushes
    • fresh water
    • graphite or autumn leaf coloured pencils
    • thick paper
    • scrap paper
    • rubber
    • a playful sense of creativity

    You'll also get...

    Access to The Stardust Society, a free community group hosted on Facebook exclusively for we are stardust customers. This generous, supportive community is a space for us to continue to rewild our souls and deepen our relationship with nature through curiosity, creativity and connection.


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