'All is bright' starry night Christmas card set of 6
'All is bright' starry night Christmas card set of 6
'All is bright' starry night Christmas card set of 6

'All is bright' starry night Christmas card set of 6


In the deep midwinter as the weak sun rises and the last snowflakes flutter to the ground and settle on the branches of dormant trees you look outside your window, a mug of steaming tea in your hands, and see first glimmer of the brightest star in the sky shimmering on the horizon…

Celebrating the silent nights of winter, this card capturing the glittering Sirius star that appears on winter’s dawn horizon reminds us to connect with loved ones that make us feel wonderful - like the brightest star in the sky.

Graced with watercolour by Agnes Becker and dip pen calligraphy by Gaelle Jolly this card is the perfect way to reconnect with your loved ones with a moment of wonder for the winter’s silent night.

Size: 10.5 x 14.8 cm
recycled brown fleck Kraft
Card: 300gsm 100% recycled card
Medium: watercolour, dip pen and ink, Photoshop
Ribbon: navy blue silk ribbon

Front of ‘All is bright’ starry night card: All is bright
Back of starry night card:
On a clear, crisp winter night, look up and spot Sirius, the bright­est star in the sky. Also known as the Dog Star and Alpha Canis Majoris, Sirius (from the Greek meaning “sparkling” or “scorch­ing”) is in the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. Draw a line through Orion’s Belt and Sirius lies roughly eight times as far from the Belt as the Belt is wide. Just 8.6 light years away (relatively close!), Sirius is an “A” type star, i.e. it’s much hotter than our sun with a surface temperature of 9,400°C compared to 5,500°C and puts out 26 times as much energy, despite only being around twice the size of our sun.


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Mari B.
United Kingdom

All is bright cards

These cards are beautiful to look at and lovely to handle. My family will love them and the enjoy the information. I've a feeling that more than one of them will get framed.