Rooted | Adventure under the ancient forest

"Nature...seems increasingly better understood in fungal terms: an assemblage of entanglements of which we are messily part."

- from Underland by Robert Macfarlane

Join the Stardust Autumn Adventure to discover the low hum of long-lived relationships and connections deep underground.

During these strange times the noise is loud, our reserves for stress and change are low. We crave quiet, depth and richness. It is time to reconnect with our earth. It is time for depth and observation and learning and understanding. It is time to feel rooted again.

Join me and fellow starry-eyed learners this autumn for a virtual adventure as we journey under the ancient forest – where trees and fungi talk. Together we will notice, wonder, discover, create and connect with this landscape and the messy, entangled world of mycorrhizal (fungi-root) networks. Together we will emerge with a renewed sense of belonging and knowing - for we are part of everything. We are made of stardust.

Investment: £285 or £145

Investment levels and payment plans available
Six-week adventure with one week break
15 spaces available
Monday 27 September – Friday 12 November 2021 


Josephine Brooks Headshot"The Stardust Autumn adventure was brilliant. Not only did it get me spending more time outdoors but I also noticed myself spending that time in nature more mindfully. Noticing the subtle seasonal changes gave me an opportunity to switch off from thinking about my business or what was going on in my every day life.I found the gentle and supportive group that Agnes brought together really inspiring." - Josephine, Rooted adventurer, 2020


What are the Stardust Adventures?

The Stardust Adventurers are journeys in which a nourishing community of starry-eyed learners journey together to deepen our connection with and belonging to an aspect of nature – from fungal networks deep in the earth to fiery stars billions of miles away.

Each adventure will take us on a journey of:

  • learning and discovery through science
  • creativity and mindfulness through art
  • connection to the earth and each other through community

Guided by me, Agnes Becker, in this community we are all equal in our learning. We support each other to make space for more moments of wonder in nature. We inspire each other with our discoveries about and creative expressions to the Earth and our place in it. We collectively deepen our sense of belonging.

At the end of each seasonal adventure, you’ll feel enriched and more deeply connected to the area of natural wonder we have explored, as well as having met a group of like-minded, lifelong learners.

Sarah-Louise and her baby on the Rooted Adventure"I loved the prompts and variety of input from Agnes. It was nice dipping in as and when I could. It has inspired me to get outside and trust in my creativity. Great community of people and beautifully put together material that was interesting."

- Sarah-Louise, Rooted adventurer, 2020

About the Rooted Adventure

Under the earth of the ancient forests is a deep network of roots, connecting, interweaving, whispering, supporting, competing, nourishing. 

Join the Autumn Rooted Adventure to explore the complex world of roots and fungi under the earth of our oldest woodlands - and our own complex needs for roots and nourishment. Guided by me, Agnes Becker, this six-week adventure will deepen your knowledge of the more-than-human world and awaken your playful creativity all with the support of a community of fellow starry-eyed learners.

When: Monday 27 September – Friday 12 November 2021 (one week break 15-22 October)
Doors close for registration: Wednesday 17 September 2021
Limited spaces available: Places are limited to 15 to keep this a deep, immersive and intimate experience.


Robin Fawcett

"I loved, loved, loved the whole theme, and how we linked our learning about nature with observation and introspection."

- Robin, Rooted adventurer, 2020


What will we explore?


Week 0: Preparing for our adventure

Our community space opens a week before the adventure starts. Gentle prompts see us begin to get to know each other, understand what we are looking for in this journey and prepare ourselves for the adventure ahead of us. We get to know each other in our first virtual campfire 'welcome' gathering. 

Week 1: Welcome | To The Ancient Forest

We begin our adventure to the ancient forest. We find local wild places that resonate with us, where old trees thrive and the ground is rich with diverse living beings. Each adventurers 'ancient forest' will differ - some may be a small copse at the end of a road, a wooded part of a local park or a large woodland. Welcome packs begin to arrive in the post. We notice the resistance we may feel in giving ourselves time to be with nature and consider ways in which to overcome these feelings and gift ourselves time with the more-than-human world.

Week 2:  Trees and roots

As we adventure into the forest we begin to take notice of and get to know the trees around us, recording them in our nature journal. The creative exercise in the guidebook sees us start to experiment and play. We begin to awaken our sense of curiosity and creativity. 

Week 3: Mushrooms and fungi

We return to our forests and notice the mushrooms under our feet and how they may be connecting with the surrounding trees. Our nature journaling leads us to look with curiosity and wonder and the creative exercise sees us creating spore prints from mushrooms.

Week 4: Earth and mycorrhizal networks

We start to go deep into the earth, tracing networks that nourish, compete, trick, grow and shrink. We learn the earth is an ocean of life and the hidden networks under our feet are more intimately connected to ourselves and the trees, plants and animals we see around us than we may have realised. We begin to discover a new way of being on this earth - mycorrhizal (fungi-root) networks are living entanglements that defy human analogy and from which we can learn.

Week 5: Our roots and networks

On our weekly walk to the forest we stop and turn inwards towards our own lives and where we may need more nourishment or need to retreat from unhealthy relationships, activities or thoughts. We begin to see the connection between our well-being and with whom or what we spend our time and energy.

Week 6: Returning From The Ancient Forest | Homecoming

Slowly we return home from the forest. We meet in our final weekly campfire and reflect on all we have learned and experienced. We consider how we will continue to nurture our curiosity and creativity with ourselves and the more-than-human world as we leave the adventure and return home.

"The content was beautiful and well researched. Everything was really accessible, and it wasn’t scary to share what I created with the group. I loved the live nature journaling...[and] little gifts that came in the post."

- Jenni, Rooted adventurer, 2020

Joining the adventure will help you feel:

  • An increase sense of awe, wonder, peace and freedom from spending time outside and focussing attention on the more-than-human world
  • A deeper understanding of and therefore connection to the earth, dirt, soil, life beneath our feet
  • A reawakening of your curiosity and creativity
  • A new perspective on the importance of nourishing your roots to help you thrive and support yourself and those you love
  • A renewed faith in humanity by connecting with fellow humans who love learning, creating and connecting with the more-than-human world

What will joining the adventure gift you?

Opening the welcome pack

  • A seasonal we are stardust welcome box with a notebook, greetings cards and other goodies to prepare you for your adventure
  • A weekly 1-2 page downloadable guidebook chapter with gentle nature journaling prompts and short creative exercises that will help you discover more about local nesting birds, create and play through words, pictures and/or drawing, connect more deeply with yourself and the more-than-human world we are exploring
  • Weekly Stardust Society campfire meetings, guided by Agnes Becker, to share our findings, discuss any resistance you are feeling to the adventure, ask for thoughts and advice from fellow adventurers.
  • Weekly inspirational posts about the science, folklore and philosophical concepts behind birds, hedgerows and nesting
  • A podcast created exclusively for Rooted Adventurers
  • A supportive online community space on Facebook to connect and share your findings from each week’s prompts and creative exercises with like-minded starry-eyed learners. This space will be available for you to revisit after the adventure has finished

You will also get the following talks and workshops

  • A live nature journaling session with Agnes Becker
  • A painting class by Agnes Becker
  • A talk and Q&A session with a mycologist (fungi scientist)
  • More to come!

All talks will be recorded and posted in the community space and there will be a chance to ask questions in advance.


Agnes Becker portrait


Agnes is an artist and science communications specialist who feels most at home with family and friends, immersed in nature. After a degree in Natural Sciences and a Masters in Science Media Production, Agnes spent 10 years working in universities with scientists. In 2016 Agnes created we are stardust as a way to deepen our experience of the messy, beautiful universe through art and science. 

"The content was very thoughtfully put together, inspirational and engaging. I also loved the welcome pack sent in the post."

- Hanna

Time commitment

You can tailor your adventure to meet your needs.

Minimum: 1 hour each week to go outside and do the weekly guidebook prompts. 
Medium: 3 hours each week to go outside and do the weekly guidebook prompts, take part in the weekly campfire sessions and weekly talk/workshop.
Maximum: As many hours as you like! Immerse yourself in the world of birds and their safe nest and share with fellow Stardust Society members.

Who is the Adventure for?

You are welcome with open arms if:

  • You want to enrich your experience of being in nature with learning and creativity but don’t know where to start
  • You want to connect with the Earth and all her living beings more deeply but never find the time or headspace to do this
  • You love learning about nature from all disciplines and people but have never found a community where learning is free of judgement about how much you do/don’t know
  • You want to learn more about the world through science but feel what you read when you look things up is too complicated and overwhelming or believe you aren’t clever enough
  • You want to respond to your experience of being in nature with creative art projects but don’t know where to start or believe you are “rubbish at drawing”
  • You love being part of a diverse community of people from all walks of life who love the connecting with the more-than-human world

The adventure not be the best experience for you if:

  • You want to learn technical terminology and get very specific about scientific methodology
  • You want a perfect, slick experience. I am a mother working on we are stardust part-time. I am messy and human. I will do my best to create a smooth, beautiful experience for you but I will make mistakes. If this is something that would bother you, this adventure may not be for you. 
  • You want to tick off identifying as many mushroom species as possible
  • You want a detailed, step-by-step ‘how to’ guide to exploring the world through science and art
  • You are looking for a very directed course with a leader to take you through learning about an area of nature (I will act as more of a guide, encouraging others to share their findings and creations)
  • You feel some areas of learning about the world are superior to others


Each of us holds different levels of privilege - gender, racial, socioeconomic. I have created a special investment level for people at the forefront of systemic marginalisation so they can enjoy their equal right to 'be' in nature. When deciding which investment level is right for you, I invite you to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, and select the level that you can genuinely afford. 

I trust you to make the best choice for you and you do not need to check with me before going ahead with your investment.

£285 - Wren investment level, 12 spaces
This is the cost of the adventure. If you have access to the financial means, are able to freely spend time with nature without feeling worried about your right to be there, you hold privilege in our community and this price is for you.
A payment plan of 6 x £45 monthly payments is available with this level. 
A payment plan of 3 x £75 monthly payments is available with this level.

£145 - Chaffinch investment level, 3 spaces
This level is for you if you would struggle to meet basic needs paying the Wren investment level rate. This level is also for you if you feel access to nature has been made more difficult for you because of gender, racial or socioeconomic reasons.
A payment plan of 6 x £25 monthly payments is available with this level.
A payment plan of 3 x £50 monthly payments is available with this level.

Select your investment level and get ready for Rooted | Adventure under the Ancient Forest.

I can't wait to welcome you in. 

Agnes xxx 


 Join the Rooted Adventure


Before you go ahead with your investment, please read the terms below.

No refunds

Because of the nature of this adventure and how it is delivered, I am unable to offer refunds so do consider your investment carefully before going ahead.

Payment plans

Payment plans cannot be cancelled once initiated so please buy with intention. When you first purchase the payment plan will count as your first month. The following three or six months will be automatically debited each month following the original purchase date.

Mailing list

Investing in this adventure will see you added to the we are stardust Mailchimp mailing list so you can be updated about the adventure. You will also receive regular newsletter emails from we are stardust.