Original artwork

Original artwork by Agnes Becker reminding you of your inner, wild connection to this messy, beautiful universe.

Agnes Becker painting. Image by Siobhan Calder Photography


On autumn and winter evenings starlings gather at dusk and perform mesmerising, swirling murmurations just above the skyline. It is thought the gathering of up to 100,000 birds helps protect them from predators and gives them the opportunity to exchange information about the best feeding sites - but no one really knows why they gather to create such beauty. Murmurations start to form from as early as September and throughout the following weeks the starlings gather in number until they are a huge mass of swirling shapes in the sky.
Find your flock and together create beauty
In what feels like an ever more divided society these murmurations represent unity and togetherness. They remind me to find my flock and together create beauty and are the inspiration behind this upcoming art collection.

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