Nature journaling

Hands on sketchbook drawing leaves

Nature journaling is a way of recording your interactions with nature on paper.

- International Nature Journaling Week website

in 2019, after many years of writing in a journal (I called it a diary) and sketching in nature, I learned about nature journaling while listening to Marley Peifer, a seasoned nature journal creator, speak on a podcast. Curious about combining these two much loved activities to deepen my connection and sense of belonging to nature, I started to learn more about the nature journaling practice. I discovered a plethora of resources and a community of fellow nature-art-science lovers who enjoy creating beautiful (or very scribbly) drawings and notes recording their joy, curiosity and wonder for the more-than-human natural world.

I started pulling together my diary notes and sketching, creating my own nature journal. In 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, I began sharing what I learned with the we are stardust community in the hope that you can also use this practice to deepen your connection and belonging to (and therefore your love for) this incredible universe of which we are part.

All of the resources on this page are free - I hope you enjoy your nature journaling journey as much as I am!

“When we allow nature to sink deeply into our hearts it can profoundly change the way we feel and interact with the world. Nature connection brings inner connection and peace. What better way to live life? ”- International Nature Journaling Week website

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