Lizzy's Christmas Party 2022

8 - 16 December 2022
 Presents wrapped in kraft paper with berries on twine sit on a rustic wooden table. By Olga Safronova via Unsplash
Would you like to turn your attention to hope this season as you get to know your festive tree a little better? Or awaken feelings of awe as you gaze at the stars with loved ones? Then I have a very special offer for you!
This year I am taking part in Lizzy's Christmas Party - an incredible offer by Elizabeth Goddard. It's a bit of an experiment on my part and it means that I can offer you the ‘Hope & Winter Trees’ nature journaling workshop for FREE as well as the ‘Stars & Stories’ Winter Stargazing Adventure Pack for a reduced price. At a time when we are all feeling the pressures from high cost of living expenses, I feel incredibly honoured to send you this offer.


Lizzy’s Christmas Party is an extravaganza bundle of 460+ courses, digital products and memberships divided into two ‘Goody Bags’ and available for an 8 day period, from 2pm 8 December until 8am 16 December 2022 (UK time). The digital offers in the ‘Goody Bags’ have been shared by Elizabeth Goddard's clients & students. Elizabeth Goddard is an online business strategist but her community is hugely varied meaning there is something for everyone - not just business owners - in each goody bag.


Goody bags are made up of digital offers created by clients and students of Elizabeth Goddard. When you sign up to a goody bag you'll be able to browse all the courses, workshops, templates and memberships on offer and choose which you'd like to sign up to. When you sign up to an offer you'll give the creator your email contact details in order to access the offer.  You can unsubscribe at any time. 


Regular Goody Bag - FREE 

  • 340+ offers normally sold for $1-100 each
Highlights I think you may enjoy:
  • Hope and Winter Trees: A festive nature journaling workshop with me! (usually £30)
  • Nature in the Workplace Workshop with Shelagh Smith from Thrive With Nature (usually $27)
  • Sustain Yourself: Winter Edition - Creative Self Care for Holidays and Days of Darkness with Asha Wild from This Wild Life (usually $33)

Premium Goody Bag - $100 (around £82)

  • 120+ offers that normally sell for $101-500 each
Highlights I think you may enjoy:
  • Stars and Stories: Winter Stargazing Adventure Pack with me! (usually £107)
  • Symbolic Art Journaling 1: Working with Figures and Parts of Self with Theresa Soltzberg (usually $109.97)
  • 3 Months of Movement and Creativity Library Access with Tiffany Sankary from Movement and Creativity (usually $147)
I am really excited to be part of this experience and proud of myself for experimenting with something new. Although not all of the offers in the Goody Bags align with We Are Stardust I feel it is always good to spread the love of stars and trees to new audiences. And you never know, if it goes well, I may do a nature inspired one myself next year!
In the meantime, enjoy the generous, festive, wintery offers in the Goody Bags!