'Life is full of phases' Moon notelet set of 8
'Life is full of phases' Moon notelet set of 8
'Life is full of phases' Moon notelet set of 8

'Life is full of phases' Moon notelet set of 8


The full Moon rises into the crisp, star-studded night sky. The start, end or middle of the Moon’s phases? Soon she will start to wane rising later and later until she only appears during the day, only her shadow facing us, barely visible to the naked eye. Rotating on her axis, orbiting the Earth, spinning around the Sun her elliptical movements affecting tides and animal behaviour alike. Life and nature is full of phases. These set of eight Moon phase notelets - one for each phase of the moon - remind us to take comfort from the Moon’s cycle – ever shifting and yet always the same.

All inside text is blank.
Text on front and back as follows:

New Moon
Life is full of phases. The new Moon is near impossible to see. Not only does the dark side of the Moon – the side unlit by sunlight – face the Earth during this phase, the Moon also rises and sets with the Sun, leaving the night starlit. 

Waning crescent
Life is full of phases. Whip-poor-wills nightjars hatch in the few days following the new Moon so that as the full Moon emerges the parents can hunt for food more easily.

Third quarter
Life is full of phases. The Moon’s cycle is about 29.5 days long. The Greek word for moon is mene and is the root of month and moon.

Waning gibbous
Life is full of phases. Although scientific evidence that humans are biologically affected by the Moon’s phases is scarce, we can all experience a feeling of wonder and connection to something greater than ourselves when we see the Moon in the night sky.

Waxing crescent
Life is full of phases. Corals in the Great Barrier Reef release sex cells for reproduction under the light of the full Moon. How romantic!

First quarter
Life is full of phases. At the base of your thumbnail is a pale quarter Moon: the lunula. It was formed while you were still in the womb.

Waxing gibbous
Life is full of phases. The Moon helps draw up the tides. During the new and full moons the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned and the extra gravitational pull creates the extreme spring tides.

Full Moon
Life is full of phases. People in centuries past would plan their night time journeys and autumn harvests according to the lunar phases; the bright full Moon helped light the roads and fields.

Size: 7.4 x 10.5 cm
Envelope: Recycled brown fleck Kraft 
Card: 300gsm Soft Castillo White, Forestry Stewardship Council certified 
Medium: watercolour

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Paula G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Life is full of phases

Small size adds to their charm. So beautiful that I am going to gift them to a dear friend who will be as enchanted as me. He's a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society so is always looking up in the day. These cards will excite him to look at night. X

Nicola R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Beautiful cards

I bought this little set of cards to add to a picture frame. They are so beautiful, and on great cardstock.

Anneka M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Absolutely beautiful notecards

Really gorgeous dinky little notecards, stunning artwork and the card stock feels lovely too. I love that each card has a different caption on the back, really feels as though plenty of thought and love has gone into each one :)