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I am very excited to announce my first ever online collaboration with Laura Pashby, freelance writer, editor and lifestyle photographer (not to mention the mother of three small boys!). Her blog, Circle of Pine Trees, is a record of time passing and of the seasons changing. It’s a blog for those who take pleasure in a posy of flowers picked from the garden or the way in which sunlight falls across the pillow. It's for those of us who notice the beauty in life’s little moments.  The photo features we are stardust's new Christmas cards: Robin singing and Mistletoe parasite. Here's what Laura has written about our collaboration (be sure to read to the end - there's a giveaway of 30 Christmas cards...

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Man in the moon greetings card launch

To celebrate tonight's International Observe the Moon Night, we are stardust is launching a new Man in the moon greetings card to add to the astronomy collection. The story behind the man in the moon greetings card As I was drawing my moon illustration I started to see the "face" of the moon appear as I sketched. It made me think of the phrase "the man in the moon is made of cheese". The more I thought about the phrase, the more it irritated me. I wanted to know what the man in the moon was actually made of. A bit of research on the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum website told me the much more interesting reality, and a new we are stardust...

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Launch Weekend, 15-18 September 2016

Creating we are stardust has brought me such joy over the last 8 months. Having carefully researched, illustrated and designed each card I cant wait to share them with you - wonderful, creative, curious people with loyal hearts, sophisticated minds and wild natures. Thursday 15 September - launch! The virtual doors to We Are Stardust's new online shop will be opened! The launch will unveil nine new greetings card designs within four collections - anatomy, astronomy, botany, zoology. Art and science collide in each card to inspire a moment of wonder for the natural world. Saturday 17 September - Crafty Fox Market The launch weekend coincides with my first ever craft stall at Crafty Fox Market in Dogstar Brixton on...

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