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Autumn moments of wonder

Autumn is my favourite time of year – from the early Indian summer days through to the cosy, windy, copper leaved days of late Autumn and early Winter. This year, it is also we are stardust’s first birthday since relaunching on 15 September 2016. To celebrate, I’ll be sharing giveaways and freebies all through September, so do sign up to the we are stardust journal to be the first to hear. I started we are stardust as a way to share and celebrate moments of wonder for the natural world with our loved ones. Both art and science require us to use our imagination to gain a deeper understanding of nature and our place in the world. Art is a...

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Five facts about tea

To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week this week, we are stardust has interviewed the wonderful Sally Gurteen at JING Tea to bring you five facts you should know about tea. Make a brew, pick up a cucumber sandwich or a mini Victoria sponge and have a read... 1. Tea is mostly grown in Asia The predominant tea growing regions are within Asia due to the climate and diversity of terroir, but the popularity of African teas is on the rise for example, and we've even heard rumours that it's being grown in Scotland. Essentially, tea can be grown in most places but to really get wonderful taste, you have to source from areas where tea has long been part of the culture...

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