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Richard Feynman's ode to a flower: June inspiration

You cannot listen to Richard Feynman and not get excited about understanding the world through science. He was - and still is through his lectures - one of the most wonderful science communicators of our time. Richard Feynman was a theoretical physicist born in 1918. He was famous for his work on quantum electromechanics (he won a Nobel Prize in 1965) and his inspiring lectures which were often attended by many who didn't actually study physics. Feynman was keen to learn how to draw and often went to get lessons from artist-friend Jirayr “Jerry” Zorthian, and Jerry would get science lessons in return. Feynman even described mathematical formula using diagrams which allowed him to make extremely fast calculations.  There is a famous clip...

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Summer moments of wonder

It's June! Officially the start of the summer months. Which signs of summer do you notice at this time of year? The light evenings? Watching poppies unfold? Insects buzz in the sunshine? Watching the sun set over the sea (or perhaps enjoying the British seaside drizzle with some Fish and Chips)?  I started we are stardust as a way to share and celebrate moments of wonder for the natural world with our loved ones. Both art and science require us to use our imagination to gain a deeper understanding of nature and our place in the world. Art is a creative expression based on our experiences of the world. Science is our search to understand how the physical world works. In...

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