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Man in the moon greetings card launch

To celebrate tonight's International Observe the Moon Night, we are stardust is launching a new Man in the moon greetings card to add to the astronomy collection. The story behind the man in the moon greetings card As I was drawing my moon illustration I started to see the "face" of the moon appear as I sketched. It made me think of the phrase "the man in the moon is made of cheese". The more I thought about the phrase, the more it irritated me. I wanted to know what the man in the moon was actually made of. A bit of research on the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum website told me the much more interesting reality, and a new we are stardust...

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Launch Weekend, 15-18 September 2016

Creating we are stardust has brought me such joy over the last 8 months. Having carefully researched, illustrated and designed each card I cant wait to share them with you - wonderful, creative, curious people with loyal hearts, sophisticated minds and wild natures. Thursday 15 September - launch! The virtual doors to We Are Stardust's new online shop will be opened! The launch will unveil nine new greetings card designs within four collections - anatomy, astronomy, botany, zoology. Art and science collide in each card to inspire a moment of wonder for the natural world. Saturday 17 September - Crafty Fox Market The launch weekend coincides with my first ever craft stall at Crafty Fox Market in Dogstar Brixton on...

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