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5 Valentine's gifts for natural history and science lovers

If you are like me and aren't really into the pink hearts and fluffy bears finding the perfect Valentine's gift can be tricky. I've had a great time looking through small shops celebrating the natural world through art and science and have compiled this gift guide for all you intelligent, wild and beautiful people. This year, why not give something that is both beautiful and clever. Living rings by Libby Ward Libby Ward is a contemporary jeweller, designer and maker using a mix of chemical processes and natural objects to connect people with textures and question their perceptions of preciousness. Her limited edition living ring collection has 10 pieces and explores the process of electroforming and preserving moss, which creates biological textures. The rings...

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Christmas gifts from independent shops

In December I wrote a blog about how I was going to shop small for my Christmas presents. I have finally given all my loved ones their gifts so I can now reveal the beautiful things I got for them - all from small, independent, UK-based shops, artists, designers and craftspeople. Mum Hand-dyed ethically sourced merino wool from Made By Black Elephant on Etsy. Based in Sheffield, I first discovered Petra Black from Made By Black Elephant on the weekly #HandmadeHour sessions on Twitter. I fell in love with the colour of this yarn and thought it would be perfect for my Mum who has started to get into small loom weaving. Dad My Dad loves Lapsang Souchong tea so I bought...

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