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National Stationery Week 2017

  This year National Stationery Week is championing the fact that writing matters. Writing, be it a short story, a letter to loved ones or just a personal diary, encourages the imagination to run wild whilst committing your emotions to a sheet of paper. Each we are stardust card captures a fact, story or curiosity, so that when you post a we are stardust card to your loved one, you gift them with a moment of wonder for the natural world. To celebrate National Stationery Week, we are stardust is offering FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders and a FREE GREETINGS CARD for all A4 print orders until midnight on 1 May 2017.  Browse the shop Free shipping code: NSW2017

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We Are Stardust Explores...with plant scientist Dr Jessica Royles

We are stardust is about exploring the worlds of science and art, their similarities, difference, how they intersect and can learn and benefit from each other. I have therefore decided to start an interview series with artists and scientists, asking each of them exactly the same questions. In this first interview, we will travel to the icy Antarctic with moss specialist, Dr Jessica Royles.  Jessica is an old friend of mine who is fascinated with how the world works. She was always top of the class in science when we were growing up and I am so proud that she is now Dr Royles, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Plant Sciences Department at Cambridge University, UK. Jessica is an adventurer,...

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I am very excited to announce my first ever online collaboration with Laura Pashby, freelance writer, editor and lifestyle photographer (not to mention the mother of three small boys!). Her blog, Circle of Pine Trees, is a record of time passing and of the seasons changing. It’s a blog for those who take pleasure in a posy of flowers picked from the garden or the way in which sunlight falls across the pillow. It's for those of us who notice the beauty in life’s little moments.  The photo features we are stardust's new Christmas cards: Robin singing and Mistletoe parasite. Here's what Laura has written about our collaboration (be sure to read to the end - there's a giveaway of 30 Christmas cards...

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