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National Stationery Week 2017

  This year National Stationery Week is championing the fact that writing matters. Writing, be it a short story, a letter to loved ones or just a personal diary, encourages the imagination to run wild whilst committing your emotions to a sheet of paper. Each we are stardust card captures a fact, story or curiosity, so that when you post a we are stardust card to your loved one, you gift them with a moment of wonder for the natural world. To celebrate National Stationery Week, we are stardust is offering FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders and a FREE GREETINGS CARD for all A4 print orders until midnight on 1 May 2017.  Browse the shop Free shipping code: NSW2017

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Featured design: Reach for the stars!

Each card design takes me a few days to create and perfect. I often create them a few hours here and there over a couple of months. In these feature blogs I hope to start introducing how I approach and create the we are stardust designs so you can see what goes into making my cards and prints. This month, I'm focussing on the Reach for the stars design, just released as an A4 print. The idea It first came to me when browsing the cards in Paperchase. I saw a 'reach for the stars' card and it got me wondering, how far away are 'the stars' exactly? I guess, our Sun is the closest, but what about after the...

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