The Singing Robin: Facts and Folklore

The Singing Robin: Facts and Folklore

Robin singing Christmas card

I had such a wonderful time creating the Robin singing Christmas Greetings card. The robin is the UK's national bird and a symbol of Christmas. 


When researching the robin, I learned that they one of the only birds to be singing at Christmas because, unlike other garden birds, they protect their territory all year round. However, they are very territorial and will fight to the death to protect their patch if needed. Their song is part of their defence mechanism as it lets other robins know to stay out.


It has a long folklore history and conversely to their behaviour is associated with charity and piety. There is a story that robins got their red breast when a drop of Christ's blood fell from his crown of thorns onto the bird. The Victorians made it a popular Christmas symbol as at the time postmen wore red jackets. The robin was often used to represent the postman and therefore shown delivering a letter.


This is the first card I've done solely with a papercut illustration. I had to create quite a few versions but in the end I captured the robin's cheeky little face. I think the glittery red breast is the perfect finish to this cheeky garden bird!


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Listen to the Robin's chirpy song


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