Moments of Wonder Gallery - Autumn 2018

Moments of Wonder Gallery - Autumn 2018

Autumn walk in Yorkshire, a moment of wonder gallery Autumn

Deeper understanding confers that most precious thing - wonder.”
Professor Brian Cox


As the Earth follows its orbit, the Northern Hemisphere tips away from the sun and we say goodbye to my favourite season: Autumn. 

I've loved looking through the autumnal images on the #amomentofwonder hashtag I started on Instagram for us to share discoveries and explorations that spark wonder. They capture all that I cherish about this season: the smell of the incoming cold on the wind that lifts thousands of golden and red leaves into the air; the low sun in the sky giving us golden sunsets; ripe fruits and berries; slow cooked food eaten by candlelight; and misty mornings that make our walks damp and mysterious.

As I looked at the images I started to ask myself questions: How does a rose turn into a rose hip? Why does lighting a candle give us comfort? Why are autumn sunsets so glorious? What is mist and why does it form?

So before we say goodbye to autumn, enjoy this gallery of stunning photos and remember that each season brings with it something fascinating to discover and learn about our universe.

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I enjoy strolling along the narrow path, As it meanders through the forest. It generates a feeling of relaxation, And puts my troubled mind to rest. 🍂 The forest is peaceful and quiet. I appreciate its immense cover of shade, And I feel focused and comfortable In this sanctuary nature has made. 🍂 I feel a sense of enchantment In the cool, refreshing air, As I seek the hidden secrets That the forest had to bear. 🍂 I hear the strange sounds of the forest As I quietly make my way, And stop to observe the wonders Nature unfolds for me this day. 🍂 I enjoy strolling along the narrow path, It brings a welcome peace of mind to me. I thank the forces of nature For this moment of soothing serenity. 🍂 by Joseph T. Renaldi ______ #woodland #ig_naturepictures #forestphotography #folkgreen #folkscenery #gowildlyandslow #whimsicalwonderfulwild #thewildnesstonic #moodygrams #moody_nature #moodynature #the_gallery_of_magic #smallmomentsofcalm #dreaminginpictures #thewanderco #keepitwild #wilderness_culture #capturequiet #untoldvisuals #amomentofwonder #ournaturedays #forestdweller #asecondofwhimsey #wildlifegirls #ig_naturepictures #autumnhues #slowlived #aquietstyle #shyinnature #roamnation

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