Man in the moon greetings card launch

Man in the moon greetings card launch

To celebrate tonight's International Observe the Moon Night, we are stardust is launching a new Man in the moon greetings card to add to the astronomy collection.

The story behind the man in the moon greetings card

As I was drawing my moon illustration I started to see the "face" of the moon appear as I sketched. It made me think of the phrase "the man in the moon is made of cheese". The more I thought about the phrase, the more it irritated me. I wanted to know what the man in the moon was actually made of. A bit of research on the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum website told me the much more interesting reality, and a new we are stardust card was born!

It's perfect for space lovers who enjoy a humorous fact. Let the stargazer in your life know you're thinking of them with the new Man in the moon greetings card:

Close op of pen and ink illustration

International Observe the Moon Night

According to the night's dedicated website:

"International Observe the Moon Night is an annual worldwide public event that encourages observation, appreciation, and understanding of our Moon and its connection to...planetary science and exploration, as well as the cultural and personal connections we all have with Earth's nearest neighbour.  Everyone on Earth is invited to join the celebration by...uniting on one day each year to look at and learn about the Moon together."

There are events all over the world you can join.

Let's hope the sky stays clear!

 Man in the moon greetings card

Back of the Man in the Moon greetings card

Close of "the man in the moon is actually made of basalt" text

Pack of 6 - Man in the moon greetings card


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