Christmas cracker template

Christmas cracker template

Christmas cracker template

To celebrate the festive season and say thank you for your support in the we are stardust adventure, I am gifting you presents on each Sunday in Advent. For this second Sunday in Advent, I am gifting you a mini Christmas cracker template.

I have wanted to create Christmas crackers to stock in my shop for a long time but the small quantities mean it is hard to get them printed at the right price point. Instead I thought I'd create a template for we are stardust mini Christmas crackers that anyone can download and use. 

Growing up, Christmas crafting was a part of the festivities and I have really enjoyed testing out these mini crackers. You can buy snaps quite cheaply online and then fill them with little treats: 

  • Treasures from nature walks, e.g. acorns, small pine cones.
  • Small chocolates or nuts
  • Festive tea
  • Small decorations

Of course you'll need a festive fact to pop in too, in which case wait until next week's Advent Sunday gift!

- Download the we are stardust mini christmas cracker template [pdf, 10.9MB] - 

If you'd like to share a photo of your mini crackers online, please tag it with #stardustadvent2018 so I can see your beautiful creations.

Christmas tree cracker

How to make your we are stardust christmas cracker video

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