5 Valentine's gifts for natural history and science lovers

5 Valentine's gifts for natural history and science lovers

Anatomical heart valentine's card from we are stardust

If you are like me and aren't really into the pink hearts and fluffy bears finding the perfect Valentine's gift can be tricky. I've had a great time looking through small shops celebrating the natural world through art and science and have compiled this gift guide for all you intelligent, wild and beautiful people. This year, why not give something that is both beautiful and clever.

Living rings by Libby Ward

Libby Ward is a contemporary jeweller, designer and maker using a mix of chemical processes and natural objects to connect people with textures and question their perceptions of preciousness. Her limited edition living ring collection has 10 pieces and explores the process of electroforming and preserving moss, which creates biological textures. The rings are made from 925 silver, resin and preserved moss. The beauty of the making process means that no two are ever identical.

Constellation pendants by Astrid and Rose

Jewellers Astrid and Rose have a collection of seasonal starry sky constellation necklaces including Ursa Major (Spring), Lyra (Summer) and Orion (Winter). This necklace depicts the Autumn constellation, Cassiopeia, and is cast in 14k rose gold after being hand carved in jeweller's wax. One of the brightest constellations in the sky, Cassiopeia is recognised by its "W" shape and beautiful clusters of stars. Cassiopeia is visible all year round from the northern hemisphere. It can be seen at its highest point in the sky during the Autumn months.

Histology silk scarves by Anatomy Boutique

Histology silk scarf

Anatomy Boutique was started by Emily Evans after 10 years as a Freelance Medical Illustrator and teacher of Anatomy to medical students. This 100% pure silk scarf is printed with the a slice of nerve tissue, stained and examined with light microscopy. 

Night Sky Whiskey Glasses by Cognitive Surplus

Night sky whiskey glasses

Spend a romantic evening sipping your favourite cocktail while gazing at the stars with this pair of Night Sky double old-fashioned glasses. Each glass depicts the night sky over a wooded landscape; one glass for the stars viewable in summer, and the other for those we see in winter.

Anatomical heart Valentine's card

Perhaps you don't do gifts for Valentine's Day. Instead, you have a night in with a home cooked dinner, a bottle of wine and a good film. But a little note to say 'I love you' is needed, no? Then perhaps the we are stardust anatomical 'my heart skips a beat' card is the perfect way to express your love (without the fluffy pink).

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